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Full-service contracting


Hobson Fabricating is a full-service mechanical and design/build contractor. We are the only company in Idaho able to assemble the following specialists in house:

This allows Hobson Fabricating to create, manufacture and install diverse mechanical systems across a broad range of industries and job complexities – from duct work to the most intricate decorations for any application.

What We Do:
  • HVAC:

    • We can design, manufacture and install the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system your site needs.

  • Structural & Architectural Fabrication:

    • Expert welders and attention to detail make our fabrication 100% accurate.

  • Commercial Roofing:

    • Supplying and installing any style of roof – like low slope or steep slope, metal roofs or single-ply – thatʼs our trademark.
    • We use only the best roofing supplies and we service both residential and commercial clients.

  • Special Fabrication:

    • As an authorized fabricator of Alcotex aluminum composite panels, we can meet your needs – affordably and efficiently. In-house fabrication and expert installation reduce our costs by about 20% and cuts in half the amount of time it takes to get a job done.
How We Do It:
  • Preconstruction:

    • Before building and installing happens, planning needs to take place. This preconstruction phase allows us to deliver a project strategy that gets you what you want at the price you expect.
    • Because our work is often part of a larger construction effort, Hobson Fabricating develops its plans in harmony with the projectʼs master plan. This helps us identify scheduling conflicts and safety concerns and to establish protocols that work around them.

  • Engineering & Modeling:

    • Hobson Fabricating has in-house design and engineering departments. These are teams of experts with extensive experience in coordinating multiple trades on large and complex projects, such as:
      • Hospitals
      • Labs
      • Cleanrooms
      • Schools

  • Fabrication:

    • We manufacture 100% of the ducting for the projects that we undertake. This is possible because of our 35,000-square-foot facility in Boise, Idaho. Satellite facilities are in the Northern Idaho and Washington regions, as well as McCall, Valley County and Twin Falls.

  • Installation:

    • Having the company that designed your materials install your materials is invaluable. And thatʼs exactly what we do.
Why We Are the Best:

There are some simple and clear reasons why we succeed at what we do.

  • Workers - We hire members of the Sheet Metal Workers International union. This allows us to immediately “staff up” with highly trained workers suited to each job. Hobson currently has 50 employees in the shop and 175 employees in the field.

  • Facilities - Our office facilities span 10,000 square feet, supporting 6 project managers, 2 mechanical engineers, 6 mechanical designers and 12 office support personnel. Our shop facilities span 30,000 square feet of environmentally controlled production area. There are 15 acres of lay-down area, 12 fully functional welding bays and fully automated shop equipment. We are capable of safely employing 3 shifts of 120 production personnel.

  • Other Tools - Iowa Precision duct coil lines, Spiral USA machines and ovalizers, Lockformer plasma tables and Windows-XP-based workstations, connected to a central file server that runs several different 3-D CAD packages ... These are some of the tools Hobson Fabricating regularly uses.



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